So Why This Site?

I was fed up with the free "stock" sites that were limited by a plastic and fake approach to stock photography.

So to make my images available for public use, to give a little back, I decided to set up my own site, where people can access and download "stock" that has some "art" inherent in the images*.

These are not images that are cookie cut, they are not "perfect", but they should express something in a way that you can use them in your own projects.

So feel free to use them and drop me a note when you do, I love to see how they end up getting used!

Creative Commons

*All images are released under Creative Commons No attribution required personally or commercially

The only exception being, that these should not be added to other sharing sites without permission, or sold as the creative content of another individual or business, you are free to modify and use them in your own products, but please do not claim original content ownership or authorship.

Attribution appreciated, but not required.

A simple link to this website is sufficient attribution.

Mark Timberlake

Commercial Photographer & Photography Trainer

I love the art of photography and try to emphasis that once the science of photography has been grasped, then the art has to take over and be expressed.

Creating and sharing images is something that can be enjoyed by all and I genuinely believe that once the basics have been learned, anyone can produce compelling and powerful images...

*All images on this site have been taken and produced by Mark Timberlake

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