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Natural Light Portrait Photography

Learn the art of using just natural light to take a portrait

In this course you will learn how to use just the available light to take your photograph.

This course is designed to teach the most basic steps in photographer and is perfect for the amateaur photographer and beginner who wants to learn how to take beautiful portraits with any camera.

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Creative Photography - Understanding Composition & Light

Learn how to take compelling images with any camera

In this course we will take you through how to compose an image creatively, using classic composition techniques.

The course is designed for complete beginners and will also benefit amateur photographers who want to explore the deeper principles of light and composition.

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Pro DSLR Camera Skills - Take Pictures In Manual Mode

Learn how to use your camera in manual mode

This course will teach you a simple and easy method for using your camera in manual mode. Once you have mastered this skill, your photography will dramatically improve because you will know how to take creative control of your camera.

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Classic Studio Portrait Photography Lighting Techniques

Learn the classic lighting patterns and posing that pro photographers use

In this course, we will take you through the basic styles of classic portrait lighting and posing, once you have taken this course, you will be confident in your knowledge of how to light and pose a subject in a classical photography style.

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Modern Studio Portrait Photography Lighting Techniques

Learn the modern lighting patterns that are in fashion right now

In this course you will learn advanced studio photography styles that are very popular in the world of model photography and studio photography.

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Build A Home Based Studio Photography Business

Learn how to set up and run a home based photography studio

Have you ever wanted to start your own photography business? This short course, will help you to choose a room or space for your studio and will show you how to set up a studio on a low budget.

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